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Navicat for SQLite 12.0.21

Navicat for SQLite 12.0.21


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Navicat for SQLite 12.0.21
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  Navicat for SQLite 12.0.21 (macOS)

The Navicat for SQLite client from PremiumSoft is an integrated GUI tool let you perform SQLite administration and database development in an easier way. Advanced features allow you to create database models, import/export data, backup, transfer databases, create queries, and manage your local or remote SQLite server. It also includes a full-featured graphical manager for setting the users and access privileges and more.

Version 12.0.20:
Bug Fixes:
Unable to open a table twice.
Running multi-statement SQLs with delimiters issue.
Crashed when adding default value in Table Designer.
Find feature in Table Viewer was not function correctly.
Target object name was garbled when copying object named with non-ascii characters.
Crashed when executing SQL to insert emoji to table.
Crashed when performing Data Transfer in some cases.
Navicat hanged when executing scripts in Data Synchronization.
Unable to hide the Information pane permanently in Query.
Preferences settings reset when Navicat started.

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